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Diane Schwartz

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Don't Handle the Sale of Your Largest Investment All By Yourself!

Let Me Help!

Your house is most likely, one of the largest investments you have!  Are you comfortable handling the sale of it, all by yourself?

There are many responsibilities in selling a house.  For example, 

  • SAFETY FIRST! Are you taking safety precautions when showing your house or during an open house?  (Agents are trained to spot the difference between a serious buyer and someone who may be casing a property.)

  • Are the people looking at your house financially qualified to buy it?

  • Are you aware of the legal disclosure requirements when selling a house?

  • Do you know about the new laws that help protect Buyers?

  • How well can you negotiate?  (Tip:  It's not just about the price!)

  • How will you handle multiple offer situations?  

  • How familiar are you with the Fair Housing Act and it's amendments?

Because of the increased legal requirements of selling a home, the number of FSBOs has dropped from 21% of sellers in 1985, to only 8% in 2016!  Click below to read more.


Let me be your "Go-To"

resource for all things Real Estate.  

Contact me to request your FREE book,

"Strategies for Selling Your Home Without an Agent".

 No obligation!  I just want to help!

For Sale By Owner
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