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February 2020
Market Report

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A mix of carry-over demand from last year’s buyers, low interest rates and tight inventory is fueling bidding wars for affordable move-in-ready homes in middle and lower price ranges. Buyers need to act quickly with strong offers.

Limited inventory is not a problem in most upper and upper-middle price ranges where closed sales continue to increase, but values have been flattening. 

Both buyers and sellers will create additional opportunities for themselves by getting an early start in this year’s market. 

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In Other News...

Moving Company Scams!

Before you select a moving company, make sure they are legit!  Some companies appear real with a FAKE company website and customer service reps!  What happens is, they quote you a price for moving then after they have packed your belongs and left your house, they hijack your belongings and tell you they need more money!  If you don't pay, you don't get your belongings!  More than that, you don't even know where they took your belongings and they won't tell you unless you pay.

Be smart and do some research on the movers you decide to hire.  Check the Better Business Bureau.


Other helpful Web sites include:


The American Moving and Storage Association's Web site, http://www.moving.org; and http://www.movingscam.com, a user-generated site that maintains a "blacklist" of alleged scam moving companies.

Read More!  Moving Company Scams

Here is an example of a FAKE website.  This company hijacked my friend's belongings from New York to Maryland.    

Public Moving and Storage.

Beware of the moving companies below:
  • Blue Oaks Moving
  • Silverback Moving
  • Shae Moving
They are all the same owner.  Not very good at estimating.  $1,700 estimate ended up being $3,400.  Also very unprofessional!

Wire Fraud Alert!!

Wire fraud in real estate transactions continues to grow. Please verify with  your title company before wiring money!


The fraud is this; the bad guys hack into someone's e-mail (buyer, seller, agents, etc.) and impersonate your agent. They then send you (typically the buyer) an e-mail under your agents name with wiring instructions for your money, often it is a notice saying "disregard the old instructions and use these new wire instructions" which of course will send the money to the criminals.

Clients, particularly buyers, should take the following steps to avoid becoming a victim. 

  • Always verify any wire instructions, provided by e-mail, with a voice to voice confirmation with someone you know in the transaction.

  • Always assume any requests to change the wire instructions are fraud and ignore them - title companies and banks don't change wire instructions in the middle of a transaction, only criminals do that.

  • Do not use any phone numbers or e-mails included in the fraudulent wire instruction e-mail, to verify the wire instructions.

  • E-mail instructions should come in an encrypted e-mail from your title company. If you receive an unencrypted (i.e. standard type) e-mail that includes closing documents and/or wire instructions, confirm that it is a legitimate e-mail with a face to face or voice to voice confirmation before doing anything with that information.

  • Change your e-mail passwords on a regular basis.